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Unified Communications

Businesses today need to enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether they are at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile – on their smart phone, tablet or laptop – Anywhere and Everywhere!

  • One-click to call – start / receive and control calls via mouse, keyboard or telephone
  • Built-in softphone
  • MXvideo™ high definition video calling between MXIE users
  • MXconnect™ lets you make any phone your business phone, and maintain call control through MXIE
  • Find Me/Follow Me to 17 call points
  • Twinning – ring desk and mobile
  • View presence and presence notes of all users
  • Collaborate via secure Instant Messages
  • MS Outlook integration (address book, email, dial)
  • Buddy lists and speed dial
  • Screen pops display incoming caller information
  • Voicemail
          Launch interactive web conferences
  • Supports: Windows/Apple/Linux and thin clients
  • Send, receive and archive fax messages
  • Remember every call and IM (logs, call recording)
  • Record all Calls from any phone
  • Contact Center and Operator func­tions, including Call Attached Data (wrap-up and account codes), Hold, Transfer, Park, etc.
  • All roles in one easy window for Users, Operators and Contact Center Agents
  • Create Call Handling Rules to manage call routing
  • Integrate with CRM and other business applications
  • ScreenDial™ lets you call from any webpage, document or electronic record
  • Multi-language support

          Easy access to corporate employee directory, instant messaging, voice mail, and contacts
  • Instantly know the status of team members and place calls, send messages, or voice mails with a click of a button
  • Handle calls through an easy to use interface and utilize intuitive drag-n-drop options to transfer calls
  • Built-in softphone
  • Team messaging and conference calling
  • Robust call handling rules
  • Voicemail notification rules that determine how voice messages are handled
  • Send and receive FAX messages
  • Browse the corporate directory, create personalize buddy list and save custom contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording – press record at any time and capture the entire call
  • Designate any phone as your business phone – a SIP phone, an analog phone, a mobile phone or home office phone. Easily switch between one phone and the other in seconds
  • Schedule conferences and collaborative online meetings
  • ScreenDial feature allows a user to highlight a telephone number in any application and have ZAC dial the highlighted number
  • Support for Call Group functionality. Agents can log into multiple call groups and handle incoming and outgoing calls for the groups in ZAC
  • Supported on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Devices
  • Full support for Plantronics HUB software

MX Mobile
  • Real-time presence status and presence notes
  • Push notification
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Real-time call alerts and full caller ID
  • Single number contact
  • Corporate directory and extension dialing
  • Address book integration
  • Instant Messaging (IM) and IM alerts
  • Call Hold and Transfer
  • Contact Center Agent functionality
  • Integrated softphone feature available over Wi-Fi or Mobile Data network
  • Call back through the system
  • Receive calls and IMs when Zultys Mobile is running in the background
  • Least cost routing
  • Call logs and history
  • Caller privacy

  • Integrated point-to-point HD video within the Zultys MXIE Unified Communications desktop
  • With a single-click, MXIE users may seamlessly move from instant messaging to voice, and add video for a complete Unified Communications experience
  • Integrated “all-in-one” solution
  • Does NOT require additional servers or special software
  • Supports SIP calling standards, including H.264
  • MXvideo will automatically adjust video quality based on network performance

With a single-click, MXIE users may seamlessly move from instant messaging to voice, and add video for a complete Unified Communications experience.

  • Web conferencing for sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration and more
  • Webcam server – up to 30 webcams can join in for live video interactive presentations.
  • Webinars – Webinars are easy for ‘view only attendees’ with no client or agent to install. Totally platform and browser independent.
  • 250 port Voice conference bridge (in the US and Canada) with lecture mode.
  • Remote support: remotely access and troubleshoot anyone’s PC by emailing them a URL.
  • Remote Access: Remotely access your own PC from anywhere, without the worry of firewalls or static IP addresses.
  • Remote print: issue a print command to instruct a local document to be printed at 1 or all of the participants remotely.
  • Webinar Polling
  • File Upload: Upload files to 1 or all participants with no worry of extension or file size. No longer are you limited by a file size or slowed down by Email.
  • Conduct web conferencing with participants anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice via the Internet
  • Set up an audio conference session in seconds without distributing a bridge number to your invitees or having to dial into a new phone number each time.
  • Provide sales presentations and product demos via screen share sessions with one or multiple customers
  • Meet and collaborate worldwide
  • Offer training or e-learning for employees or clients
  • Deliver remote support in real-time
  • Take control of a remote computer with one click of the mouse from your client interface
  • Enhance IT efficiency through the ability to transfer files and reboot remote computers
  • Provide remote access and maintenance to customers
  • Access office or home computers remotely without cumbersome applications
  • Conduct web seminars as an alternative to the cost and stress of travel
  • Easy file transfer so you can send working files and presentations to participants in real-time

  • Fully integrated multi-party conference bridge
  • No additional hardware required
  • Enables conference capacity of up to 100 participants across 33 simultaneous conference calls on an MX-E, 256 participants across 85 conference calls on MX-E+ or MX-E++, and up to 20 participants across 6 simultaneous conference calls on an MX-SE
  • MXconnect™ lets you make any phone your business phone, and maintain call control through MXIE
  • Schedule conferences through the MXIE Unified Communications desktop client with one click
    • View the list of scheduled conferences
    • Schedule, change and delete conferences
    • Send invitations, updates and reminders via email and Instant Message in 26 languages and dialects
  • Interfaces with the MXmeeting™ web conferencing system for complete end-to-end voice and web conferencing sessions
  • Multi-language support for voice prompts
  • Gives Conference Leader control within the MXIE user interface
    • View list of participants
    • Mute participant/Mute all
    • Disconnect a participant from a conference
    • Entry/Exit chime
    • Drag ringing calls, active calls and calls on hold into a conference
    • Convert active phone calls into a conference call on demand
    • Host may leave the conference without terminating the conference session
    • Administrator may adjust conference settings
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